Quick Art Impressions of Dreamwork’s Home

It’s early Saturday afternoon and I just finished up watching Home on Netflix, an interesting start to the day! There’s a reason I’ll be watching a lot more animated films in the near future (which I’ll touch on in the next post), but I decided that I’ll share my impressions and general feel of each film as I do.

Home was a bit of a surprise – I initially passed it off as another animated film to add to the heap of 3D movies aimed towards children (you know, the ones that only skim the surface of emotional impact and instead opt to string together the entire movie with loose-fitting jokes and horribly cliched comedic situations –  to appeal to a younger audience, of course). What I wasn’t expecting, however, was a delightful 90 minute journey filled with emotional depth and an appropriate handful of impactful shots that strayed the furthest from comedy you can imagine. I’ll even confidently admit: some scenes, as far as engaging the viewers and toying with their emotions, were right on the brink of Pixar’s storytelling mastery.

My main focus was on the animation and the ability to breathe life into the otherwise-inanimate creatures. So many times I found myself thinking, “Woah… they’re right on the money with this scene.” The fluid, lively animation paired with the absolutely incredible (and fitting) voice actors/actresses gave an undeniably strong depth of presence and character to the entire cast, Oh and Smek especially (Man… I don’t think they could’ve chosen a more suitable voice for Oh than Jim Parsons). And Kyle, don’t get me started on him! Something I often see in animated films is a sort of apparent disconnect in a character due to the different departments attempting to collaborate and mush together their work into one final piece; sometimes the model looks great but the animation is terribly clunky, or the animation is wonderful but the voice acting doesn’t suit the character in the least bit. With Home, I felt every department was in sync in building a powerful and expressive cast.

The highly polished and moving animations paired with an incredibly talented cast and a wonderful narrative made Home an absolute delight to watch! (And certainly a goldmine for animation reference 😉 ). I highly recommend it!